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Aussie Archive video from 1974 predicting Computer usage in the 2000's

So there's another wikipedia out called wikimedia. This really is cutting edge as the hassle with copyrights blah blah can/will stop people posting up here.

 Colonial Marines coming Soon ??

I was in EB games today, and saw that they have cases in the PC section advertising Colonial marines ? From what I've seen on the internet so far it has an R rating. I've also read that it won't be coming to Aus either.   

What gaming mouse give you the edge ?


Imperator on the shelf at I.T Shack

On Monday I was over at I.T Shack checking out some of the peripherals that they have on the shelves. I bought a new mouse pad from there last week and was VERY pleased with it. Especially after trekking all over Casuarina trying to find one and couldn't. So I was  back again trying to not be a nuisance (you know "the guy" who talk tech all day eating up your time and not buying anything) :D


Hey people.

Just a quick note on the APRIL LAN. I've been talking to a few new people who have never been regulars to LAN's in Darwin. One thing that we're going to start is Console wars. So bring along your console, your TV, your games and extra controllers and show off which games, and which console you believe is best.

What kind of mouse pad gives 'you' the edge ?

Recently I went out and bought a new mouse pad. The previous one that i've been using for gaming perfection was a RAZOR Exact mat Xspeed. An amazing peice of kit to be honest. It was a steel board lined on both sides with a special coating for precision on one side, and speed on the other. Over the years I'd tried both sides and strangely enough my preferences changed from time to time, so I just Flipped my board, and carried on. The Steel board sat on a rubber mat that held it in place, and has a wrist support to make gaming more comfortable.