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Battlefield 3 - I'm buying it again

When Battlefield 3 first came out, I bought a russian version of it (by accident - doh one wrong click!). CJS-cdKeys for the win !

At the time I bought it pre release for $35 or there abouts and i've been very happy with it. Every time it has a small patch it works fine. Every time there's new content or a major patch, and I have to download language files and edit the registry.

When I bought the first DLC pack I was curious to see if that would sort out my issues and make my game behave normally ?? (like an Au version) but it didn't work, even though I bought the expansion from Origin, it still persisted with all the Russion "Who Ha" that came with it.

So then at NOS lan I copied someone elses Australian version of the game onto my PC and used that instead. My thinking was "the game files don't matter my log on is what counts". This worked fine for a couple of weeks, and I thought "I've got around it ! woot !" and then a week later a massive pop up was blocking my screen in some very angry Russian Letters, and I knew the jig was up. (I couldn't read what it said by the way)

So I made my poor .AU version of  BF3 my .OLD folder, and grabbed my .RU folder out of retirement and kept on gaming.  >>>ALWAYS<<< keep backups blah blah.

The NEW PREMIUM content has now been released with the last major patch. This patch also includes the new DLC Close Quarters (and it's easier to spell so I can't call it DLC 2), so its nice to kill 2 birds with one stone. I've been contemplating a new edition of BF3 for a little while but haven't found an EU or english version going for a decent price, so I've been holding off. With the New PREMIUM coming out, I thought I'd have another look, and WThell ! Origin is leading the pack !

Origin has is currently selling Battlefield 3 for $25. I logged into Origin, bought the game for $25 and Origin

seemed to Hang on me ?? huh?? stupid glitchy peice of.... Steam is awesome, steam should have bf3 blah blah... So I went back to the store, and went to do it all again, and NOW Battle field 3 is listed as $49.95 ! I was on the Rage machine again ! What !!! (I was just about to instantly march up to the house and jump on my gaming machine, use my VPN to the states to buy it) BUT I thought I would cool down and try other ways  first!!

I have to apologise to people, after all my trips overseas, and having people trying to sell me 40c bottles of water for $5 because I was white gave me a complex that I don't deal with being ripped off very well. I also don't like to barter, so I find shops with price tags and happily pay a little more to go without the hassle. Or ask my interpreter to go buy it for me  :D

SO I then head over to EA's website and see if its asking $25 or $49.....  It says $25 woot ! So I log in with my new account that i've made just for this special occasion, angry_sealcomm. (no I'm not actually angry, a few clan mates in BhR have angry_ so I thought I'd join the mental heads and give it a go) www.bhrclan.com

Time to do the whole  process AGAIN.... enter name, details, address, credit card blah blah blah. I'm thinking DON'T even think about doing it again buddy ! this is the second time in 20 mins !! I also find myself admiring the buying screen and feel as though I'm getting a lot for my money !

So crossing my fingers and a little prayer to the big man upstairs and... IT WORKS !

So then I quickly buy PREMIUM with the same angry_sealcomm account and let it patch away doing a couple of fine adjustments, and I'm ready to play.

I love it, now when I log on I'm captain 0.

Starting again, all the wep unlocks, all the medals, everything. New. Mr I Am BF3 noob virgin stepping up to the plate, please tell me where to stand, and how to move and not die all the time and....... NOT ! now its time to wage war, be a stat whore and have hacker accusations pointed at me (falsely) as I climb the ladder all over again.

See you at NOS this weekend !

Nicky / angry_sealcomm