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Does your mouse cable annoy you ? Then we might have the answer !

Roccat Apuri - 4 port powered hub, and mouse cable fix it guy !

Unboxing a new toy. Always a good day !


A mate of mine just returned from a visit to melbourne. Since he planned to go and visit PCcaseGear (as you do when you travel) he asked me if there was anything I wanted... "Man !! Thats a hard question to ask aye !" Of course theres stuff that I want, but what can I actually "pull off" at the moment was my first thought. (fix the ford, buy camera gear, new mountain bike....the plans are many!)

The Roccat Apuri had been on my radar since it first appeared, which was over a year ago at least. At just under $40 that fit my budget just fine. It was handed to me today ! 

. A quick look at what APURI means on http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/apuri is a 'Helper, Aide'.          Nice :D

My first thoughts when I picked it up and seeing the arm 'wiggle' around was "HuH", its rubber ? I thought it would have some high tech swing arm, with 9 angles of movement, a 6 way axis from a PS3 controller and Google GPS installed as standard! Imagine making something simple??

So now I was sceptical before I opened it, "Hmm was this a good idea after all ?"

Once I got it out of the box, and saw the nice mini usb/usb cable, the power lead and the hub, I flipped open the quick install guide. Basically it says plug it all in, with half a dozen pictures. Simple.

It also instructs how to remove the arm if you only want it for the HUB feature. Which was always the upside to this device as I love self powered devices.  My Sony PS3 charger for my controllers has just died so this would make a great fill in too !

So I put it all together, pluged it in and it works. Fancy that !

The Hub is a made well, its strong and the rubber feet have a good grip on the table. There's a little bit of give in the feet, which seems well designed. Nothing flimsy there. The rubber arm is actually OK. While its got plenty of 'give' its not flopping around all over the place. I can actually roll it up in a 'ball' in my hand, and there's no worry about it splitting or popping a seam.

Time to add the mouse to the pile.

I grab my mouse cable and it just fits straight into the groove on the topside of the arm for holding the cable. To easy.  I give the mouse 'a go' and I'm wondering if I've got enough cable length, so I start playing with differnt legths. You can slide it in and out with no worry's and it doesn't look like it will 'fall out'. It's all to easy.

I guess I better test the USB ports, so I grab a handful of USB keys that are lying around, and as soon as I plug it in, Windows chimes away. No lag there, everythings visible everything works great ! In fact I think they pop up fast than just plugging it into the motherboard slots on the back, is that possible !! ??

Its got pretty Blue lights too, which I hear you can turn off, but that's not a feature I'll be using . It matches the blue glow of my Razer Black Widow ultimate just nicely ! I just had a quick look on the website for any software to manage the lights or whatever and found none, so I guess the lights stay on. I also saw a lot of gear there that looks VERY cool ! A new keyboard with an IPHONE dock and Roccat App to get it all working together. Some great bags for moving your gear around ! (This will be my next wish list item - something to move my gear around in safely)


I'm pretty sure this was a good idea after all. I've had 2 mice attached to my computer lately. The first one went intermittant on my so I swapped it out to see if it was the cable or the PC. I did't like the bizzare angles the chord cable on the Razer Imperitor did to itself, so removing any drama's was the first plan after buying a non wireless mouse.

The down side is that there's now 2 more cables running around the back of my desk. Not that much of a drama, and moving the power board will make it all tidy (the way I like it  - Keep the "MAN ZONE" clear is the standard operational proceedure in my little computer corner)

The upside is there's no chance of my cable getting in the way. I now have 4 more USB ports within easy reach, no more going behind my pc to access them. They're self powered which I like. There's more GLOWING blue goodness on my desk, and I can now geek out that I've got something new and usefull that's a little different and may be a conversation piece.

I think the flixible rubber arm works really well. Its not as flimsy as it first looked. I think if I take care of it,  it won't break or wear out, BUT if it gets knocked around, or I don't pull it off to transport it, it could get damaged. If that unfortunate series of events actually happened I can't see an easy fix for it other than Gluing it straight onto the HUB. I can't see it being 'repairable' or Roccat making spare parts. Small downer, but knowing that before it gets knocked around should mean that it works for a good amount of time. A fence at the top of the cliff, instead of ambulance at the bottom.

So if you got $40 and need a USB hub or need to get your STUPID mouse cable out of the was or need something else that's a cool blue 'glow in the dark' thing, then this is a great peice of Kit.

EDIT - After using it for a week now, I'm really loving it. I haven't had to adjust it, or had my mouse cable snag on anything while gaming. In fact it actually helps it stay centered, and stops the family from moving it all over the place to. After a day I also noticed there was a second groove on the cable holder to really hold it down... Hidden away in the blackness ! Once that was used, there was no moving the mouse cable at all. Super Support. Definitely a 5/5 product, that does everything its designed to do.

Rock on

Nicky/ sealcomm