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Inside EB Homemaker VillageEB games Milner

A while ago I stumbled accros EBGames in Milner. At the Homemaker Village, and what a nice suprise it was.

Usually a shop store is so cluttered that you can't move around. There are boxes that the staff haven't got around to unpacking, which makes a hazzard of themselves.  In fact when I'm out with my little one Bella in her pram, some are just a suck to move around...

This store is immaculate, and I guess when something's new, it has that new look and feel about it. This stores not New anymore, but its still presented amazingly.

It had been a few months since I'd been past there, and since I was accross the Carpark buying office gear, I thought I'd rock over and see who the staff guys were, and how the store was going.

The shelves were nice and full which is always good, and while there were a few less RAZOR mice on the shelves than the last time I oppped in, there was plenty of other goodies to see.

There's also a bench that's packed with consoles for your gaming pleasure. I think I can confidently say there are more consoles here to try stuff on, than any other shop that sells games in Darwin. 

I don't think I was "officially" allowed to ask any questions etc, as apparently that is handled by EBGames Public relations blah blah blah, but I can say that the staff are always a pleasure to talk to, and there's heaps of stuff to keep you busy looking around.

If you find there's something not on the shelves where you noramlly shop then fly over to Homemaker Village EB and see if they have it. I think we should be able to buy gear the day we walk into a shop, or at least find it next door or down the road ! There's nothing worse that being told "we can order it in for you". Those words send me straight to pccasegear.

I loved the look of all the Diablo 3 posters that were in the windows, but I wasn't going to go and take any more sneaky camera shots and get myself unwelcomed  :D

Next time I'm in Casuarina, I'm going to 'try' to talk to some of the staff in the various stores to see if we can get some faces to some names.

If you ever need something it always helps to know who to ask for. When you get a good friendship happening in a store the staff there can really make life easy. Give respect, and you'll get respect.


Nicky / sealcomm