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Gaming PC build

(Images are my current AMD build)

Ok I love to "geek out" on computer builds, infact I built a computer last week for a friend who started me on real website design lol.

So Here's a muck around build. If I had the cash (and the need - which I don't at the moment), here's what I'd build)
Before we start, I love the bang for buck computer builds. What I mean by this, is spending as little as possible, while getting something really good. If there's $40 more to spend to get something way better, then wait for that extra $40.
So uber Epeen builds with $1k cpu's, 2 x $1200 video cards blah blah, is not what this build is all about.
I peek on www.Pccasegear.com at least every couple of days to see what's on their 'news section'. In fact I'm always impressed with their gear. I'll read about something being released in the states on a forum, and thenext day or that same day they have it !! (followed by Tomshardware charts to see where bits rate on their performance charts)
Can I also say that while Internet sellers are a reality for us who live in remote Aus, there are some computer  parts that I try to always source locally. Power supply units for starters !!(when they fail you just take it back and walk out with a new one that day)
, Cases (usually have a premium for shipping), and monitors.
I travel down south every year so sometimes I wait till a trip comes along, and I buy a case and bring it home as luggage, but I always buy my PSU's here !
I've bought gear from just about every computer shop in Darwin over the years, and we really need to support them where we can.
Why ? Well there's the planned rebuilds etc that we plan and buy online and wait for gear to arrive, and that's where internet sellers save us a lot of cash if we know how to fit gear ourselves. But there's always the day where something FAILS in our PC and we 
need a HDD, Ram, VC, PSU you name it, and you need it NOW. 
If we had no local stores at all, we would have to stock our own spare parts, or be forced to wait for every piece of kit. This would be true pain ! So where you can, support our local stores. With more sales happening, and more turn over of old gear there will always be space for something new. Plus its good to also be able to open a box and hold something before you buy it, or asking the staff what they'd suggest !
So back to the build. Whats the budget ? Meh who knows, lets build a decent rig and see where we end up.
CPU - Intel 2500 (K overclock if you must)                                      $205/215     

Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3 Motherboard     (released soon)-            $215
Ram * 4Gb G.Skill Ripjaws X F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM                     $85  
   Option 1 Seagate Barracuda 1TB ST31000524AS
   Option 2 Corsair Force Series 3 120GB SSD ($155)+ option 1  $99/254
Ram cooler  (we live in the tropics just do it)                                   $20/50 
CPU cooler (water) Corsair Hydro Series H40 CPU Cooler             $75
Video Card  - Sapphire Radeon HD7850 2GB OC                           $275.00
PSU - CoolerMaster eXtreme Power Plus 650W                             $79
Case - CoolerMaster CM 690 II Advanced USB3.                          $115  
                                                                                                     Total  $1168/1353
Ahh so a build for just over a Grand ($1000) you can build a really GREAT machine !
You can obviously mix and match. If you have a reasonably current machine (2 years or so, you can keep the case and Psu. If you have an after market cooler, that may also do the job. If you're HDD's are fine etc, there's another saving.
An upgrade system, just picking MB, CPU, Ram, Video card would cost $770. That looks cheap as bro !
Extra thoughts...
If I had an extra $100 I'd throw it at a better Video Card Ati 7870, which is now better than my 6970 :( 
I pick only 2x RAM dimms , I'd only go for 4 dimms on 2011 socket MB's. So if you wanted more ram buy 2 x 8GB dimms
Always make sure the RAM you buy is on the Motherboard manufacturers Supported RAM list (trust me)
* I couldn't find a ram list for this MB yet.
The new Gen video cards use so much less power, a VC upgrade now doesn't mean PSU upgrade Woot !
Spend the time making things tidy inside, and get max air flow, it will make your equipment last longer. (and give it a clean every month when you're getting it ready to bring to NOS - to make it last longer too)
If I had super Uber cash flow I'd buy a Hybrid pci ssd/hdd for under $500 for 1tb goodness with transfer rate around 900mb/s.
Give us your thoughts on what you'd like if you could/would do it now !
sealcomm/ nicky