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Aussie Archive video from 1974 predicting Computer usage in the 2000's

So there's another wikipedia out called wikimedia. This really is cutting edge as the hassle with copyrights blah blah can/will stop people posting up here.

Fortunately for the world - ABC Tv is putting up its archive footage for the common good - Aus leads the way !

The footage i've linked to today (click the pic) takes you to Arthur C Clarke commenting on where computers will be in the future. They're picking 2001 and the year is 1974. The crazy thing is he's spot on. Some of his predictions seem casual, but it obviously shows how much thought these guys put in, back then.

The room they're in is a computer. OLD school, big computer farm style thing, with tape drives wheeling away (probably taking all day just to process 1mb of data lol).

So for a bit of nostalgia and 1 min 30 of your time, have a look at what the Aussies were doing/ saying in 1974.


Seaclomm / Nicky