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 Colonial Marines coming Soon ??

I was in EB games today, and saw that they have cases in the PC section advertising Colonial marines ? From what I've seen on the internet so far it has an R rating. I've also read that it won't be coming to Aus either.   

So I wandered over the the guys on the counter and asking if there was a release date for it, and enquired about its rating as I didn't think it was coming.
If you haven't heard about Colonial Marines, its basically Aliens 2 the movie in first person. Sega and gearbox sofrware have been given license to take one of the best sci fi movies of our time and digitize it.
 To make a true sequel to the movie in video game form
What a great goal. I've been a fan of Aliens 2 since I first saw it in the cinema - and i've watched it over and over and..... again.
So the story line is that Aliens 2 the movie has just finished, and the military has decided that the information is incomplete, so you're going in. You get to walk it all. The base, the ships..... exciting !
Reading on IGN there's some secret squireel stuff hidden in here.. So 
The Aliens: Colonial Marines teaser trailer contains clues that lead to another clip, containing approximately 12 seconds of extra footage. 
In the teaser, which you can watch on IGN, we see information being typed on a computer monitor. Among the lines of information there's an IP address: 
Type it into an address bar and you'll be redirected to a Weyland-Yutani website, where you'll be asked for a 'HOSTNAME'.
Enter 'Father' and you'll be able to watch the extended teaser. 
Give this a go, its pretty cool. 
The best info I can find is a release date of Q2 2012.  
Here's the Link to the steam store http://store.steampowered.com/app/49540/  Check out EB and other game retailers, throw the prices etc here in the comments or on the NOS Facebook page!
Rock on !