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Hey people.

Just a quick note on the APRIL LAN. I've been talking to a few new people who have never been regulars to LAN's in Darwin. One thing that we're going to start is Console wars. So bring along your console, your TV, your games and extra controllers and show off which games, and which console you believe is best.

So Far I've got Guys who play MW3 on Xbox, and Halo on Xbox instersted. I'm going to see if Dirty Turd and LoneSpartan will come along and Mix it up with BF3 on PS3.

I'm not a fan of controllers for FPS. In fact im a retard on FPS without a mouse, but it may be time to try gaming, from the lounge on a big screen TV. The trade off's could be worth it.

Natural Selection 2 is also showing itself to be an amazing Game, even though its still in beta and some features. I think that some survival mode on Black ops, COD 4 action, and Plenty of BF3 ALL on the PC 'could' be in order.

At the last LAN Luztet had his nintendo gear out so if we're lucky we may see some of that classic gear rolling accross the big screens too.

So bring your PC, your console/tv, your controllers and games and lets chill out for the evening. As always you can come for the night or the day or all of it - What a bargain for $20 !


Game on


sealcomm / Nicky