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What gaming mouse give you the edge ?


Imperator on the shelf at I.T Shack

On Monday I was over at I.T Shack checking out some of the peripherals that they have on the shelves. I bought a new mouse pad from there last week and was VERY pleased with it. Especially after trekking all over Casuarina trying to find one and couldn't. So I was  back again trying to not be a nuisance (you know "the guy" who talk tech all day eating up your time and not buying anything) :D

BF3 Edition

So I was talking to Dave and asking what mouse does he use, is there anything that stands out? gives him the edge? 

I don't know what reply I was expecting, maybe some general response on this mouse and that one, and letting me choose for myself between a few models.

What I got was an 'Oh yea !!! Razor Imperator!" That's the mouse he's using and he loves it !

So I had a look on his shelf and he's got the BF3 edition one sitting right there. If you want it, you better be quick. Its going for $109 and that's a really good price.


I asked what else is there? I was then shown the Razor Transformers 'Bumble Bee' mouse that he had to import from overseas. It looks great, and was only $79.
I didn't even know it exsisted! In fact the last time I was in Singapore for a days shopping, I was amazed at all the TECH that was there, so it's nice to see some of it being brought in special for us!
So that's whats new, and calling out to you from Casuarina at the moment !



What do I use ?

Logitech G700. I've loved logitech mice for a long time. My previous 2 mice were both Logitech G7's. AMAZING! In fact the G700 is really the 'new and improved' G7 but i like the G7 better in some ways and the G700 in others.

They are both cordless mice. I  HATE the drag that a mouse cable gives, and I've been tempted to try out       a mouse cable device that gets them outta the way, but haven't yet. (I really like the Roccat Anubi - its got a USB hub and blue LED's making it look sick)

The G7 had a couple of batteries. One was charging while the other was being used. One battery would easily last a day of gaming, and heading intothe night at NOS LAN I'd switch them over in about 3 sec and keep on. The batteries lasted a couple of years before their charge started fading. In fact after I bought my second one to replace my first one (the radio receiver/transmitter' was glitchy) - I noticed DragonXr had the same mouse and had run outta charge, and his second battery was knackered, so I gave him one of my ones since I know had 4 and really only needed two, that's how I roll  :D
The G700 only has an internal AA battery that's lithium and it goes forever. When its running low I plug a cable in for charging/connecting and keep going. If I was really fussy I could just shove in a new AA and keep on rolling. I usually just keep it plugged in for general use and when I'm getting serious pull the cable out and go wireless. So a scrim or scrim practice with my clan mates and I unplug it for the night and then plug it back in when I log off for the night to silently charge away in the dark. I have never had delay on wireless by the way, its perfect.
The new G700 has lots of new buttons etc, about 13 I think, but they've been a hassle to program to do what I want. I haven't googled it or youtubed it yet, but I'm a little annoyed that I'd have to in the first place. It should just work. In game the different buttons are not recognised properly so my button 5 is also button 3 blah blah. When I've got time to play that's what I want to do, not spend 30min/1hour dicking around with settings.
Some of the side buttons feel a little spongy, and don't really give a click feel which I Like. I like some feedback. They always work fine though so no drama's there. I guess I should stop being lazy and set it up properly. ( I need 3 buttons just for teamspeak these days, having different whisper lists running for scrims - Maybe I'll write about setting that up soon)
So what mouse are you using ? Ned a new one? Go have a look around. Read some reviews, and try some out. Walk around at your next lan and see what other guys are using and ask if its any good (don't assume they like it, they may HATE it ! lol ). There's nothing like holding one in your hand first! I think I'm going to Go Razor for my next mouse. I've gradually swapped out ALL my logitech gear our for Razor gear so I may as well test out a new Razor mouse and slide my G700 over to my office machine. (Imperitor to be exact - no point getting good advice and not using it !)
On another mouse note.... I wonder if you can get replacement glide bits for the bottom of your mouse somewhere here in Darwin ? The old Logitech Mx510 on my office machine has none left on the bottom of that, and is started to mess around with my mouse pad... (maybe I'll head over and get my new mouse now ?)
Have a great day 
sealcomm / Nicky