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 Every once in a while a game is made that looks really good. In fact not just good, REALLY good. Battlefield 3 is one game that has come out recently that warrants special attention.

When a great game comes out there are certain demands that it places on a computer to perform well. Sometimes a game is demanding on the CPU. Sometimes its demanding of the Video Card, and sometimes a game needs both.

Battlefield 3 is a game that demands a decent GPU. (Video card). In fact many web sites say that its not at all demanding of the CPU in your system. (within reason I Assume)

So where do we start ?

With most things in life there is a fair amount of opinion. When it comes to Gaming there are varied complications that are added to the pile. Cost. Epeen factor, Fps, High definition, super high definition, multiple screen or 3d. Lets take the view point of a simple upgrade. Lets assume you have a computer thats a couple of years old and the CPU and the Power supply (PSU) is good enough to handle an upgrade without replacing. (i'll put together a gaming PC build for under $1000 soon- I love geeking out on hardware)

SO start with monitor size.  Here's some basic facts. If you have a smaller monitor 17-19 inch, the card you will need will be WAY less expensive, OR will look really good with a mid range card. With less monitor 'real estate' your video card can have more 'eye candy' running and still maintain great FPS.

If you are running a High Def monitor 1920x1080 or greater, you are going to need to have a more expensive card in your system, or multiple cards set up in Sli or Crossfire. With a FULL HD monitor to run ULTRA settings and have great FPS will require a top dollar investment.

So with your upgrade, you need to consider the size of your screen first and what you want to acheive. If you plan to get a bigger screen, then you will need to have a great card. If you have a small screen and plan to keep it that way, you can pick what you want.

In Any FPS looking pretty is nice, but its not as good as Frames Per Second. (FPS). If you have all your settings on Ultra and are running 30-60fps, you'll be dying a lot more (unnecessarily) than if you turned some settings down, and ran at 60-100 frames. (if you're monitor goes that high). If you don't believe me, listen to this pro gamer setting up his budget machine for max fps on Bf3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxB01hwMouU&list=UUXN76fKLJUFeMK12fAN5Gug&index=16&feature=plcp

If you play with the above YOUTUBE you may not need to upgrade at all. BUT if you want to spend money, lets have a look at a couple of ati options available at the moment. (With the new ATI cards available - and potentially new Nvidia tech coming out soon - ATI would be the only place i'd throw money at the moment). If you're an Nvidia fan boi, wait for the new stuff, current NVIDIA tech is overpriced for the performance.

MID range graphics charts http://www.tomshardware.com/charts/2012-vga-gpgpu/13-Battlefield-3-DirectX-11-A-Entry,2967.html

So at 1280 x 720 (HD not FULL HD) Field of View at 60 (less draw on the screen, you can perform better FPS).

At this resolution almost any mid range Video Card can work for you(New ATI 7770 for $175 +postage at Pccasegear.com). This would be my suggested card. Its has its limitations as any budget priced card, but what this new TECH delivers for the Dollar, is very sweet.  Mid sized monitors that are not full HD range from  19" can be around 1440x990.  A 20" monitor can be around 1600 x 900. Once you get above 21" you're looking Full HD 1920 x 1080 and you'll need more Horse power (dollars) to run it well.  Unless you turn your settings down - again look at the above you tube.

If you want to look at a review of the new ATI 7770/7750 then have a look here. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-7770-7750-benchmark,3135.html

The new ATI 7870/7850 are due to be released NOWish, so if you want better than a $175 card, but don't have the cash for the top tier cards then wait a couple of weeks. Apparently these new cards are going to compete with the ati 6970 which was the previous flag ship. (i bought my 6970 nearly 2 years ago and it was a great investment at $420)

FULL HD FPS CHARTS http://www.tomshardware.com/charts/2012-vga-gpgpu/13-Battlefield-3-DirectX-11-B-Performance,2968.html

If you want to spend more $$$ for FULL HD then go for the 7950/7970. Theyre preforming better than the Nvidia 580 and any previous ATI 6XXX model.

One thing that I'm waiting on, is multi card reviews. Are 2x7770 better than a single 7950 ? (a cheaper solution to more computing power) There's also PCI-e 2.0 and 3.0 ! Obviously 3.0 is a new motherboard standard and not actually on an older motherboard. One thing to note is any 2.1 ( i think) card will fit in 3.0. And a 3.0 will work in your 2.0. SO if you plan to upgrade other internals in the future, you have to really think about how to spend your cash. 

You can buy a cheaper card now and go multi card set up later. (the new 7XXX series will crossfire with the previous 6XXX models, which is a new precedent. In the past you could only crossfire the same model card)

The new 7990 will also be coming out in a couple of months. Dual GPU ATI Death machine.

So much to get excited about, my fingers can't type fast enough, and my brains already run off ahead. (and this is without Nvidia's new tech out yet.) I'm not a fan boi of either, i've got both in my various machines. I've ALWAYS been a bang for buck kinga guy (my epeen is my headphones and keyboard atm) lol.

Rock on

sealcomm / Nicky