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Free Keyboard Comp !

Thanks to the generosity of MoralDK and I.T Shack we have a NEW in the box, Thermaltake Challenger Gaming keyboard to give away !

So if you want to win it, there's a couple of things you need to do !

Battlefield 3 - I'm buying it again

When Battlefield 3 first came out, I bought a russian version of it (by accident - doh one wrong click!). CJS-cdKeys for the win !

At the time I bought it pre release for $35 or there abouts and i've been very happy with it. Every time it has a small patch it works fine. Every time there's new content or a major patch, and I have to download language files and edit the registry.

Inside EB Homemaker VillageEB games Milner

A while ago I stumbled accros EBGames in Milner. At the Homemaker Village, and what a nice suprise it was.

Usually a shop store is so cluttered that you can't move around. There are boxes that the staff haven't got around to unpacking, which makes a hazzard of themselves.  In fact when I'm out with my little one Bella in her pram, some are just a suck to move around...

This store is immaculate, and I guess when something's new, it has that new look and feel about it. This stores not New anymore, but its still presented amazingly.

Does your mouse cable annoy you ? Then we might have the answer !

Roccat Apuri - 4 port powered hub, and mouse cable fix it guy !

Unboxing a new toy. Always a good day !

Gaming PC build

(Images are my current AMD build)

Ok I love to "geek out" on computer builds, infact I built a computer last week for a friend who started me on real website design lol.

So Here's a muck around build. If I had the cash (and the need - which I don't at the moment), here's what I'd build)