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NOS Lans

NOS Lan's are hosted at the Abundant Life Christian Church Hall. The events are all supervised by responsible adults and all care is taken for peoples safety and the safety of their gear.

The events run from Friday Night 6.00pm until Sat 5pm. You can attend for some or all of that time. If you need to go home to sleep, your gear will be supervised until your return back at the Lan, but we don't take responsibility for your gear.
We sell cokes for $2.00 and will be doing a pizza run on the Friday night using a $6.95 pickup voucher.
When:       13th – 14th July (6:00PM FRIDAY NIGHT – 5:00PM Saturday afternoon.)
Cost:       $20.00 (you can pay cash or EFTPOS on the night, before you set up your gear, OR you can direct deposit (just enter your transaction ID as your reference)
Location:   82, Leanyer Drive, Leanyer
[If you're interested in coming and 'might come' then please post in the comments. If you plan to come then please say attending. It really helps to know how many 'may' be coming. 
cheers sealcomm]
All Supervisors pass police checks, and line up with Current youth/young adult requirements as per Territory Law.
No Event Event date Capacity Registered
1 October Lan 12-10-2012 6:00 pm 30 7
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
2 November Lan 09-11-2012 6:00 pm 30 14
We are no longer accepting registration for this event


Hey guys & Gals,

AUG NOS LAN is coming soon!  (Have a look at our Facebook page to enter into Thermaltake Keyboard comp!
It’s going to be an awesome time!
We’ve got prizes to be won and a lot gaming to do!
PLEASE Register for EVENTS beforehand to be ELIGIBLE for DOOR PRIZE !
Below is a list of some of the games we will be playing at NOS, so it’s generally a good idea to do your best to have these games installed onto your PC’s BEFORE you come to NOS. Maximising your game time!
Left for dead 2   - Currently ON SALE on Steam (www.steampowered.com)
Diablo 3     - We'll organise the perfect groups, start from 0, have the right class balance and see how far we can    get over the LAN. Feel free to continue on in Free play and see if you can Finish Diablo at NOS !
Plus: Battlefield 3(BF3), Counter Strike Source (CSS), Armagetron (Tron bikes - old school game), League of Legends (LOL), Enemy Territory (ET), Warcraft 3 (WAR3)
l4d2.jpg LOL.jpg ET.jpg D3.jpg css.jpgBF3.bmp tron.jpg war3.jpg
NOS is always open to game suggestions at the LAN, we do allocate plenty of “Free Time” to play whatever you want with your mates.
We do ask; that when we have the allocated game time slots that everyone participates. As this make a much smoother LAN.