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    SSX-360 XBOX -New release!
     Play it hard, and give us your opinion. We'll have newsflash stuff soon, with quick opinions on games. So give us your opinion, buy ? Avoid ! or rent for a night ?
    kingdom of Amalur:Reckoning
     Email us, or throw your quick thoughts onto our facebook, and we'll publish it here at NOS-gaming.
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    G'day Guys


    Welcome to the new NOS gaming website. As time goes by we will be adding more and more articles and reviews to our site. We've kept everything very 'lite' at the moment so that we can get ourselves up and running as quickly as we can, and not spend weeks developing.


    So enjoy yourselves on the site, and post any comment to our facebook page "Nos Gaming




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NOS Dates 2012 so far


Sept Fri 14th -15th
Oct Fri 13th -14th
Nov  Fri 9th -10th


Watch Dog

Watch DogE3's Games to watch

"The game was demoed at E3 on PC and we can safely say it's the best looking game we've seen on any platform. Watch Dog is pretty much the ultimate open world game, set in Chicago, and we've never seen a city or its inhabitants rendered with such detail, and such amazing physics." ( from PCauthority)


Medal of Honor - WarfighterMedal of Honor - Warfighter

The next Medal of Honor game is truly looking like something special - especially on PC. The E3 demo we played was mostly hands-on, and we could have gladly skipped every other appointment to keep playing....

...The meticulous destruction detail and advanced lighting techniques helping to set the game apart from its FPS squad-mates. (PC authority)

Arma 3

Arma 3Arma 3

With DX11 support, and a whole HDR lighting engine, ARMA III was one of the surprise games of E3 2012, in terms of graphics.There’s a  full scope of modern warfare to enjoy. A range of vehicles, with improved controls unit commands and artillery is smoother than ever, and  something new. For the first time in the franchise, operations go offshore and underwater, with mine clearing operations and other diving missions.




Assassin's Creed 3

Assassin's Creed 3

Their demo was one of the most impressive debut showings I've seen for a big-budget video game in many years. You may have heard about Assassin's Creed III already. You may have caught the leaks and the Game Informer cover story. There is much, much more to share: (Kotaku)

Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313

Lucasarts wants everything about Star Wars 1313 to feel new. The studio is working with the greater Lucasarts family, including Lucasfilm and Industry Light and Magic, to realize a side of the Star Wars universe that no one has ever seen before. Ironically, the side they want to show is the universe's gritty underbelly: Trashy space slums have never looked this good...

...Star Wars 1313 is a truly next-gen game. It's being designed to play on machines with far more processing power than the PS3 or Xbox 360 have under the hood.

News Flash

Tom Clancy's Ghost recon DEMO

Toms Clancy's Ghost recon DEMO

Click the Pic to see the Xbox kinect interface for Ghost recon. I've never seen such an amazing User interface for putting your weapons together. 

Demo now released - Click Here

Mechwarrior Tactics/ Mechwarrior Online

Mechwarrior Online

Did you know there are multiple Mechwarrior games coming out soon. There's a top down strategy called Mechwarrior Tactics which we'll look into later, and there's Mechwarrior online which has a great gameplay trailer out for us to all enjoy. So click the Pic and enjoy.

LAN Information

Nos Lan is Darwin's longest running PC gaming Lan.


We have literally seen generations of Gamers come through our doors for more than 10 years. 


NOS goes from Fri Night 6pm until Sat arvo 5pm. The Cost is $20. You can come for a few hours or the whole time, the cost is the same. Bring a bed role and crash on the floor, or bail to your own place and come back later. We do our best to keep your gear safe, but we don't take responsibility for it. (we've never had anything go wrong yet)


All our events are supervised and event organisers are all current Ochre Card carriers as required by Territory Law. Our events are insured, but your own gear is not.

Some of the games we play @NOS